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There is also answers to common questions about Flexispy like, what is flexispy?, What are the features that come with Flexispy?, what phones will Flexispy work on? and exactly who will benefit from using this cell spy software.

Q – Can I actually get the Flexipsy cell spy app for FREE?

A – The Short answer is NO. But don’t take the risk with a virus filled version that won’t work – Download the Real Flexispy App at the link below.

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I hope the above video which was a quick tour and guide on how to get the Flexispy software and the steps to get the download started was helpful.

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In the next section you will be able to read a quick run down on exactly what the Flexispy cell monitoring software is.

What Is Flexispy?

flexispy download imageTo write an explanation of exactly what flexispy is in a paragraph is quite difficult due to it’s amazing features and it’s advanced technology but below is the basic run down on this software.

Basically Flexispy is a unique cell spying software that enable the user to collect data on any cell phone (For a quick list of phones that are compatible click here). You will be able to listen in on all the conversation that take place on the target phone word for word.

This software comes with a Ton of unique spying features that can be used which are completely undetectable to the person you are spying on. For a full list of features just click here to see all the features available and a quick explanation on each one.

Flexispy has been a life saver for many parents trying to track their teenagers as in this day and age there are so many influences out there which put them at constant risk.

It has also helped people find out the truth about their spouse in a safe way, especially if they feel that their spouse is being unfaithful.

Flexispy Download has also been used as a powerful tool for many employers which need to track the use and whereabouts of their company phones.

These are just a few examples but this spy software can be used in many more ways than has been listed above.

To put in a Sentence – “Flexispy is the most powerful, advanced and easy to use cell spy software available”

Why Did I Need Flexispy?

flexispy download final thoughtsWell to read a little more about me you can do so here but I thought I would quickly explain the reason I felt I needed a cell spy software like the Flexispy Download.

I’m 37 and have 4 lovely children with my eldest being a teenager my wife and I were finding it harder and harder to keep any eye on what she is doing.

Especially these days where kids are getting into serious trouble, bullying and so on with the explosion of Facebook and instant messages etc.My wife and I were pulling our hair out trying to keep track of her phone and internet use plus we were a little unsure about the friends she had and also what she was getting up to while we were at work.

What pushed it over the edge was the parent teacher meeting when we discovered she had been skipping school and hanging out with apparent older kids.

This encouraged me to turn to the internet to find a solution to my issue, soon I came across and ton of different cell spy apps and thought that this would be perfect especially the GPS monitoring and social monitoring.

After trying many different ones that really didn’t work I decided to stick to the 2 that I know work and they are Highster Mobile and Flexispy. I use Flexispy a little more these days because there are so many more features.

By using this cell spy software we were able to kerb her behavior, school attendance and friends without her really even knowing it.

Everything has worked fine and I must say that we would not have the peace of mind and confidence that we will get through our next 3 kids that are yet to go through there teenage years without Flexispy Download.

I would recommend this to anyone who needs to monitor there teenagers, are suspicious of there partners cheating or even employers find it very useful to keep an eye on there company phone usage.

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Flexispy Download App Features

On this Flexispy Download and review I intend to keep this as brief as possible because you can see full details on each feature by clicking on the link below, my basic list of features that I discuss below is just to briefly cover the most popular ones.

See below for the full list of feature:

  • Call Recording – Flexispy records all the details of each call made and received. It records numbers called, received also the time of call and the call duration.
  • Sms Message Spying – Records all details of sms messages including the actual message, number sent too and received from,time received or sent.
  • Phone Book Spying – See who’s on the phone’s contact list, updates you when a new number is added or deleted.
  • Call Spying – Listen in live to any call made or received,you can hear the entire conversation undetected word for word.
  • Listen In And Record Surroundings – You can actually tap into the phone’s microphone and listen in on conversations going on around the phone. They don’t even need to be on the phone it could be just sitting on and table or in their pocket.
  • View All Photo’s And Video’s – You can view all the photo’s and video’s stored on the target phone as well.
  • Track all Whats App – track every social media site, whats app, skype, twitter, facebook plus many more

As you can clearly see there are some pretty impressive features available. All of these features make it super easy to catch the person you are spying on red handed and get the evidence and closure you need.

After you get the flexispy download and then you go ahead and follow the instruction on how to download flexispy to the target phone you can rest assured that your spying will go undetected.

This cell spy software has a built in cloaking and cache cleaning device that removes all traces that you are spying, so it’s one of the safest, fastest and easiest ways to get to the truth. If you need to contact me with any questions please go to the contact me page or continue on reading below.

Click On the Image Below to read about all the flexispy download features in great detail.

flexispy download features

What Devices Will Flexispy Work On?

flexispy download cheaterIn general flexispy will work on any phone or device that can get an internet connection. You simply download flexispy to the target phone, activate it and then log onto your dashboard from your pc and start spying.

The only real important function that is required is the ability to be able to connect to the internet, this way the data that is collected is sent to your personal dashboard

Here’s a quick list of the phones that the flexispy download will work on and remember full instructions come on how to install flexipsy on each phone type and model.

With each phone type the installation process is almost exactly the same. There are a few differences with each phone but all this is explained in step by step details after you get the cell spy app.

  • All Iphones
  • All Tablets
  • All Androids
  • Blackberry’s
  • All Nokia phones

And there are many more, that is just a few of the more popular types. Before you download the cell spying software you will be able to view all the compatible phones in great detail at the official Flexispy website. This is recommended to be 100% sure that the phone is compatible with the Flexispy software.

Go Here To View The Full List Of Flexispy Compatible Phones

Flexispy Download – Who Will Benefit From Using Flexispy?

After you get your Flexispy download you will clearly see that this software will benefit many different people. You can see just from the features available through flexispy what type of people this will benefit.

Here is just a few examples of the different type of people that will benefit from Flexispy:

  • Catching A Cheating Spouse – One of the most popular uses that flexispy offers is the ability to spy on a spouse that you suspect of cheating. If you feel that your spouse or partner is cheating then this cell spy software is the absolute best and easiest ways to find out the truth for sure. Not only will you find out the truth but it will collect the real hard evidence that you need when the time comes to confront your partner. This software is safe to use when spying as it is completely undetectable to the person you are spying on.


  • Parents Tracking Teenagers – This software is great for parents that need to keep an eye on their teenage kids, whether they are up to no good or they are hanging around the wrong crowd. You will know exactly what going on especially with the GPS tracker and the ability to read their Facebook messages and sms message with out having them knowing you are spying.


  • Employers Tracking Employees – It has also been used by many employees that offer a phone to the workers and the workers tend to abuse the privilege of having a phone that’s paid for. Also many courier companies and sales companies use this software to track their cars via gps.

So you can see just from these few examples why the flexispy download is such a popular product and it’s uses go far beyond what we have discussed today. Remember you can learn more about me both in the main post here where I discuss why I needed it or go to the about me page here.

To download the Flexispy software simply click on the link below….

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Flexispy Download – My Final Thoughts

flexispy download child tallWell we have come to the very end of my overall Flexispy Download review. There are plenty of other pages and posts here that you may have missed so continue to look around or click on the link below to access your Flexispy Download. To finish off I thought I would sum up and give you my final thoughts and honest opinion on Flexispy compared to some of the other good ones out there.

Firstly when it comes to features I believe that Flexispy has the most features available and almost all of those worked perfectly for me. I’m sure they all would work just fine but I really only needed to use 2 – 3 of the main features.

When it comes to price it is on par with many other good ones but still cheaper than most. They offer a free trial which is great as it adds that completely risk free option for people that are still a little unsure. Other cell spy apps like Highster Mobile are also very good but has a few less features, is slightly cheaper but does not have a free trial.

All in all I found that the Flexispy software is one of the best if not the best and to get the full software after the trial period ends is very cheap for this kind of technology and the peace of mind that it gives you.

If you are like me and have sleepless nights because you are unsure what your teenagers are really up to then the Flexispy software will be a life saver for you as well. It can be very helpful for employers and people in a relationship where they feel the trust and honesty may have slipped.

You really can’t go wrong with Flexispy Download because it is quick to install, easy to use, has tons of features and is very cheap not to mention the Free trial.

If you are sick of reading about all the different options then save yourself the headache and give Flexispy a go completely risk free. Click on the Link below to download Flexispy today and start monitoring in the next 10 minutes.

I’m sure you will be as happy as I am with this amazing software especially if you are a non technical person like me.

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